“I have attended two of Nigel's courses and found them both to be outstanding. He has a very broad range of knowledge and excellent tasting skills. His courses are very enjoyable due to his relaxed style and enthusiasm for the subject. Nigel loves to involve the students in discussion and debate resulting in a lively and positive atmosphere.”
Helen H, Cabinteely, Dublin.

“Nigel is an enthusiastic lecturer with an encyclopaedic knowledge of wine. His lectures are well researched and structured. Nigel works hard at interacting with students during lectures and encourages commitment and concentration. There is little opportunity to doze off at the back of the class.”
John McG, Dublin.

“Nigel brings as much depth and personality to his courses as their subject matter.” David, Dublin 2.

“Nigel Donnan is clearly passionate about wine and he really knows how to share his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm during his lectures. I would not hesitate to recommend his class.”
Gwen O. Dublin.

“Nigel, being able to compare your lectures from other experts, I would like to thank you for your ability to transmit your broad knowledge and passion for wines in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Not only did I learn a lot, I also truly enjoyed every single one of your lectures! It's not everyday that one feels sad to see the end of a course...with your courses it felt like that each time!”
Rosa Esposito, Dublin.

“A first class wine teacher with a great enthusiasm for his subject whose style is relaxed and informal, tasting wine from the best producers from young and mature vintages.”
Seamus Mc Namee, Bray.

“If you want to be reliably informed about wine in a most entertaining and unique style, the Nigel's your man. Nigel's juggling act as teacher, critic and comedian is a wonderful way to enhance your enjoyment of wine.”
Dr. Anna-Sophia Kiang, Trinity College Dublin.

“As well as sharing his vast knowledge of the world of wines, Nigel's lectures are filled with colourful history and anecdotes along the way.”
Noel Storey, Dublin.

“Nigel is to wine lectures what Quentin Tarantino is to movies.”
Noel Storey, Dublin.

“Nigel creates a relaxed environment in which to learn, combining it with his effective style of lecturing makes you eager for your next class”
Suzanne Redmond, Dublin.

“Nigel's style is always engaging and conveys his passion for wine and vineyards worldwide.”
Maria Madigan, Dublin.