Welcome to The Dublin Wine School

The Dublin Wine School is a new, exciting addition to wine education in Ireland.

We are here to enhance the pleasure and expand the wine horizons for all those who enjoy wine. A series of courses has been created specifically with these objectives in mind.

As you will see when you browse our website, the Dublin Wine School has also made a special effort on each of its courses to allow the students to taste some of the world's greatest wines from such regions as Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany as well as others.

The Dublin Wine School is completely independent and is not affiliated to any trade body. It is a private organisation dedicated to wine education.

Nigel Donnan, the principal lecturer, has created the courses to appeal to a wide spectrum of tastes. These range from the all encompassing Wine Appreciation Course to the more specific themes such as Champagne, France, Italy, Spain or Bordeaux etc.

We are here to expand the wine horizons of those who attend our courses thus enabling them to make the right decisions in their 'wine life'.