Forthcoming Wine Courses

All courses are suitable for beginners. Classes run from 7pm to 9.30pm

One Day Wine Appreciation Workshop €140

This course is intended for beginners who wish to bring more focus onto their wine choices especially through tasting. During the day, wine styles, grape varieties and all the main wine-producing countries will be covered. Special attention will be focused on what denotes quality in wine and how to identify the characteristics that particularly appeal to yourself. The tasting, which will take place after lunch, will concentrate on wines which are particularly worth investigating, in other words, benchmark quality wines. A light lunch is included.
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Brooks Hotel, Drury st, Dublin 2.
Saturday, 21st January 2023 10:30am to 6pm

Brooks Hotel, Drury St, Dublin 2.
Saturday, 18th February 2023 10:30am to 6pm

Bordeaux and The 1855 Medoc Classification €395

A detailed examination of the history and the relevance of the World's most famous hierarchy. The subsequent tasting will encompass all five levels of the classification.
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Brooks Hotel, Drury st, Dublin 2.
28th January 2023. Starts at 10:30am, Finish at 6pm.A light lunch is included.